This Masterclass is for professional woman

Set boundaries with anyone from tricky Managers to parents-in-law. Why should you attend?

  • You'll be able to set boundaries with ease with my 7 step guide - navigating you through each stage and feeling.

  • Before becoming I coach, I was an award-winning communications specialist. I've applied those skills to crafting persuasive scripts and key messages FOR YOU!

  • Stop feeling guilty about checking your emails when your child is in the bath - and be present with them instead.

Common challenges to Setting Boundaries

What's holding you back?

  • You worry what others will think or say 
  • You're unsure what the ramifications will be especially on your career
  • Your workplace culture expects you to be available
  • You don't feel worthy enough to set boundaries

This Masterclass will enable you to overcome these challenges.

One of the keys to juggling work and family is setting effective boundaries.

It's a tricky balance we're all trying to navigate, when trying to deliver huge workloads, meet up to expectations that we have of ourselves, at both work and home, and juggle a family. 

Masterclass and more

Here's what you'll receive when you sign up

  • Recorded Masterclass that you can watch anytime with qualified coach and former Executive Advisor. You can also re-watch it as you have ongoing access.

  • Struggle with what to say? My key messages will help you multiple situations. You can use these at work and home and as a basis for any situation to set boundaries. Also included: Three example scripts and guide to tricky conversations.

  • Get my proven 6 Steps to Setting Boundaries checklist alongside other materials including a tool to help boost your self worth.

What happens without boundaries?

46% of women report feeling that they always need to be available to their employers, while a third said they struggle to ‘switch off’ from work, with more than half saying this is driven by a fear that doing so will affect their career progression (52%).

  • You don't want to look like you can't manage

    You keep saying yes to all of the work that comes your way despite the huge volume - you don't want your Manager to think that you can't handle it. So you keep going, but you're now resentful, burnt out, and exhausted. You hope that things will "quiet down" but the reality is, they never do.

  • You become part of a toxic culture

    It's just the way things are around here - you're expected to be available to your employer and so you are. You attend meetings/take calls or reply to emails on your day off, you work late each night. You check your emails before bed and first thing in the morning "just to check". Your workplace demands come above everything else.

  • You don't speak up for yourself

    You feel like your reputation and entire career are at stake. Instead of negotiating with your line manager, you negotiate and compromise with yourself. The last thing you want to be known as is the "difficult" or "lazy" one at the office, who says no to work.

Does this sound familiar?

One of my clients wanted to set two specific boundaries upon her return to work - one of those was with a colleague who used to gossip and intrude on personal information and another was around her availability to travel. She had to frequently travel for her job as a senior member of her Asset Management firm and it was often arranged with very late notice - prior to maternity leave she'd find herself packing her bags to head away for several nights to meet with clients in-person. We developed a boundary where she could still travel for work - after all, it was part of her job and refusing to travel at all would have been detrimental - however she required a minimum of three days' notice and the option to work from home after she returned from these trips so that she could "reclaim" some valuable time with her son Freddie. The result: Setting these boundaries have been fundamental to Katie's success in her return to work including having balance.

What's included

When you go ahead and purchase this Masterclass, you will receive:

  • 40min Boundary Setting Masterclass with presentation slides to download and keep

  • Booklet with why we need to set boundaries, how to do it and tricky conversation guide

  • Three sample scripts so you know what to say

  • My six steps to setting boundaries checklist and what to do at each step

You Don't Have to Take it from Me

I've never known myself to have this level of inner confidence...

Katie Hynard, Head of UK Asset Management

“The balance between being a mum and a professional business woman isn’t often understood in both the personal or professional worlds, but The Women’s Vault nails it; there is empathy for the feelings you have as a new mum (doubts, guilt, time poor etc) while also recognising that for the kind of women we are, our careers are really important and fulfilling parts of our lives."

She helped me to find focus in the noise & challenged unhelpful thinking...

Rosie Craig

Olivia filled a multitude of roles in her time as my coach: she became a sounding board for ideas; helped me to draw focus amongst the noise; challenged my unhelpful thinking; encouraged routine and self-care and much more. Her experience with a range of other professionals meant she was able to offer me relevant advice and ideas that translated into my approach at work. I felt that I was speaking to a true expert. My confidence and focus has improved as a result of the work Olivia and I did together. I would massively recommend Olivia and hope to work with her again in the near future.

A new role, payrise and flexible working


I've got an exciting new role, a payrise and a much better WFH/office balance which suits my family life. THANK YOU for inspiring me and giving me more confidence - it really has made a huge amount of difference and even though it’s a different outcome to the one I’d initially hoped, I’m thrilled with where it’s all ended up.

I’m able to be productive during work hours and switch off to enjoy time with my Son.

Melissa Stellino

Simply put Olivia is amazing! Prior to my return to work I was riddled with anxious feelings about going back. My largest concern about going back to work was managing the juggling act and since being back at work through the techniques and practices worked through with Olivia I’m able to be productive during work hours and switch off to enjoy time with my Son. I would highly recommend this program to not only mothers returning from maternity leave but any woman trying to juggle both career and home life.

I already feel more confident and empowered to succeed.

Anne McKee - Asset Managament

Thank you to Olivia for a providing a very practical approach to solving some of the issues women in business face on a daily basis. Self-doubt, lack of confidence and imposter syndrome were all tackled in this 1-day session that has provided me with some useful techniques to put into practice. I already feel more confident and empowered to succeed.

We cannot keep up with the demands of being a working mother if we don't have boundaries.

One third say they struggle to switch off from work according to a global Deloitte study of 5,000 women. Yet, we don't want to set boundaries because we are worried it will affect our careers, including those who work part-time.

Even though we are exhausted, we still have to tend to our children's needs, as well as all of the things that come with schooling, like Christmas jumpers, costumes for the nativity play and spare change for the bake sale (when will the PTA finally organise a card machine...). 

We also have social media to keep up with and 90% of mothers say they feel Mum Guilt all of the time or frequently. 

Setting boundaries will take you from feeling like you're barely keeping up with the constant treadmill of work and life to having more balance, feeling comfortable with saying no, or "not this time" and have some actual "me time" in your hectic weeks. You also won't need to wait until your next holiday to rest and recover (let's face it, holidays with kids aren't relaxing anyway!).

This Masterclass will show you how.

Ready to set your boundaries with confidence?

This Masterclass will help you to feel inspired and empowered with lots of tips, tools and Q&A.

Trainer & Coach

Founder of The Women's Vault; Coach; Executive Advisor and Award-winning Communications specialist

Olivia Bath

Olivia specialises in women's confidence and leadership coaching. She delivers workshops, speeches and programmes to corporates, including her new Imposter course and returning to work coaching programmes. Olivia has delivered workshops to Nomura Investment Bank, Woodside Petroleum, Simply Business Insurance and at CPD and Pregnant Then Screwed's Festival of Confidence. She has worked with hundreds of women across the world. Her individual clients work at companies including the NHS, Amazon, PwC, EY, Nuffield Health, law firms and charities.


  • What happens after I purchase the Masterclass?

    You'll receive log-in details and you'll be able access the recording, booklet and checklists straightaway.

  • How long does it take?

    The Masterclass is 40mins and the booklet will take you around 60mins to complete if you do all of the exercises and readings.

  • What if I'm not satisfied?

    Email me and you'll receive a refund: [email protected]

  • What will Masterclass teach me?

    To learn how to effectively set boundaries without feeling guilty or anxious. Get takeaway tools and resources to help you.

Or you can stay stuck

You can stay in a cycle of burnout, exhaustion and feeling resentful at others and situations. Setting healthy boundaries will enable you to be happier, more confident because you're clear on your priorities and values. If you want to have another year of discomfort and frustration, then this Masterclass isn't right for you. But if there's a tiny part of you that thinks this would be helpful, but you're not sure, feel free to email me: [email protected]

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