The Toolkit is endorsed by a Chartered Psychologist (UK)

What is The Working Mum's Toolkit?

For professional working mothers & new mothers returning to work

  • A self-paced course with 12 months' access

    Remember your hypnobirthing course? This course for working mothers, from returning to work, to thriving as a working parent as juggle your family and work, delivered to you by a qualified coach and trainer. This course gives you the tools, tips and resources to do both, without feeling torn, or burnt out: 23% more likely to experience burnout than fathers in paid employment according to a 2021 UK study.

  • Download and listen on the go

    The course encourages you to complete 1-2 lessons from each of the 6 Pillars*, in total around 6 hours, but don't worry, you've got 12 months to do it and you can download to listen or watch on the go! Plus some bonus content includes: a chapter dedicated to returning to work; audio chats like how to plan your day when you've got a sick child at home and deadlines to meet; plus in 2023: 4 live workshops with Q&A and podcast interviews with other working parents.

  • What are the 6 Pillars?

    The 6 Pillars are The Women's Vault's proven method that has been used by hundreds of women, taking them from burnout, exhaustion and anxiety of returning to work, to successfully overcoming the common pitfalls faced by working mothers and continuing to succeed in their careers, without the Mum guilt, or giving up work entirely!

"An essential tool for working mothers to help navigate this season of life so that we can be the best mother, wife and employee possible" - Ailbhe Tyndall, verified review

Being a working parent is relentless, exhausting & overwhelming.

There's so much about being a working mother that no-one tells you... or a guidebook on how to do it

  • How do you juggle work when your little one (LO) is sick?

  • How do you cope with a busy day of work when you've been up with your LO all night?

  • How do you stop feeling so tired all of time?

  • How do you set boundaries when you're a people pleaser?

  • How do you find time for you in your hectic schedule?

  • How can you stop feeling Mum guilt, or imposter syndrome that's holding you back?

I was clueless about setting boundaries & my confidence was low when I returned to work in 2019

Every day was exhausted. I like felt I was on a merry-go-round of busy work days, cleaning up peas smeared into the floor and flopping exhausted onto the sofa at night. Then I'd be up with George multiple times in the night. He never slept through...I also had terrible Mum guilt, every day when I dropped him at nursery, I would have to pull myself together on the train to work. It was a constant juggling act and I wanted to be doing my job that I loved and was such a big part of my identity, but I also wanted to be with my son. I didn't expect to feel so torn between George and my work. After my boss calling me to work on my day off, something had to change.

It's never been so hard to be a working parent, plus we work for 30yrs after having kids

Childcare costs are soaring, work is demanding & we no longer have a village

For the first time since the 1970s, women are leaving the workforce due to childcare costs and lack of flexibility. Systems and structures are failing us. We carry the burden of unpaid labor, workplace demands are higher than ever before and compare ourselves to unrealistic images on social media. We are spending more time with our children than non-working mothers in 1975. Plus, we have our own internal barriers, like a lack of confidence or ability to set boundaries. My mission is to help women overcome the internal and external barriers. I am proof (as are my clients) that it is possible to do it.

My toolkit will give you practical tips and tools to balance family, work and you

I created my own toolkit to help me to balance my work and family (with time for me to get to a gym class every week) and started to share it. Today I enable women to balance motherhood and their busy jobs so that they can thrive and have flexibility, even without family support or spare time. I can't wait to help you too. On average, we are working for 30 years after we have children and right now in the UK 3 in 4 mothers work. So why not do something just for you?

Suzy Reading, Chartered Psychologist & Author

"Olivia's approach is down to earth and relatable, acknowledging the barriers we face as mothers in the workplace, but she also shows us that it is possible to carve out balance between our desire for presence at home with career fulfilment - we can indeed have both."

"Olivia offers a pick and mix of strategies that are simple, do-able and potent, helping us adjust our notion of success, reset our expectations, clarify and honour our boundaries, boost our confidence and dial down guilt in the process. 

This course is interactive and engaging, including Q&A’s, sessions on highly practical themes and provides thorough supporting worksheets with reflective prompts and resources.

She helps us recognise our strengths... and drop the motherload." 

The tools in this course have helped hundreds of women

How it will help you in both the short & long term...

  • Running on empty as working Mother?

    This course will help you to reset. Learn to set boundaries when you're a people pleaser. Fit exercise in despite your busy schedule. Regain your confidence getting rid of your imposter. Get balance and flexibility.

  • Returning from mat leave soon? Or ready to put your foot on the pedal of your career?

    Get tips on how to use your KiT Days, how to cope at work when you've been up all night with your LO to how to get your old confidence back. Use these tools to progress your career - if that's what you're looking for right now. Do the content that suits you.

  • Get tips, tricks and tools on the go. Pick and choose the content.

    Designed around your busy schedule - download and listen on to go (like a podcast), or watch them when you need help, from setting boundaries, juggling family & career tips, confidence, to what to wear and wellbeing. Bonus content: Pep talks, affirmations and meditations and your Q&As.

Course feedback

Sinead Gallagher, Business Dev't, Brodies

My confidence had hit an all-time low and my plan to "go back to work with a bang" felt hampered with the maternal loss of identity and coming back remotely. I found Olivia's course and it was just the injection I needed.

Palmera McGuire

I would really recommend Olivia's programme to any woman who wants to succeed in her career; have more work/life balance. You taught me so much that I continue to use and I'm still gaining from it.

Sam Lewis, Lawyer, Amazon

The course has made me feel confident, positive and prepared. I returned to my role in a company that expects us to be at our best...I found it so useful that I decided to work with Olivia 1:1 as I know it will lead to bigger and better opportunities and being the calm Mum I want to be.

9/10 working mothers recommend it

Proven and long-lasting results from hundreds of busy working Mums. Your pre-natal course lasts just a few months. Work lasts for 30yrs after kids. Get the tools to do the juggle

  • More balance, time for you and less guilt

    Hello to less Mum guilt, feeling like you've got time and energy to exercise and juggle both work and a family. Finally, some time for you which always gets squeezed out. Doesn't fitting in a weekly pilates class or some time on your now (dusty) Peloton sound great?

  • Setting boundaries, managing your day with little sleep and more confidence

    Effectively set boundaries; maintain your energy and stamina despite being sleep deprived. Your Manager will be amazed at your progress. Have more confidence and self-belief, enabling you to achieve anything!

  • Have flexibility, less stressed and be present with your kids

    You can live a life that has balance without compromising your career. Feel good, take your kids to the park, without constantly checking your emails, no matter how busy or demanding your job is. You'll be calm and in control.

What's included:

Video and downloadable audio of 7-30mins for you to access on the go, anytime, anywhere. Plus Q&As from you answered each month.

  • Setting boundaries

  • Burnout - recover & prevent it

  • Confidence & imposter syndrome

  • Mum guilt - why it's important to be guilt-less & what you can do about it

  • Your new weekly schedule with exercise & mindfulness, now matter how packed your diary is

  • Work wardrobe & confidence

  • What to do when you're behind on work & your LO is sick

  • Preparing for your return to work: KiT days to flexible work

  • Pep talks, affirmations and meditations

  • Juggling work and family - time and sanity saving hacks

Course feedback

Dominique Lim, Finance

Olivia's course helped me to focus on my priorities, acknowledge my boundaries, and start implementing better productivity practices in order to make the best use of my time. It's been two months since I completed the programme and I've found that the happiness and joy that come with being able to spend more time making memories with my baby and husband have spilled over into my work, helping me be more focussed and productive as a result.

Lisa Goddard, Project Manager

I was struggling to juggle everything and be the best version of myself in either of my roles (Mum and professional!). Completing this course helped me to realise that I could do both and helped me find ways to do them better. Olivia is so friendly and personable. I highly recommend it.

Alana Barry, Senior Marketing Manager

I recommend this course to not only help you get ready for your return to work, but once you're back, juggling it all and continuing to excel at work. Since doing the course, I have booked Olivia for three workshops for my company and coaching for a team member who was struggling.

Purchase now. Full value of the course £127

Purchase the course now at the pre-sale price: £37 (Equivalent of approx: $46USD; $64AUD)


  • What if I'm not satisfied?

    No problem. Email me and you'll be refunded within 3 business days.

  • Why should I bother doing it? I don't have time or the energy

    I've been a working mother since 2019 and the juggle, burnout and exhaustion is real isn't it? So here's the deal. I've got a proven record of greatly improving the lives of working mothers. Lessons are 7-30mins. By doing the course, expect to be happier, more confident, have more balance and be less tired. If you're not, I'll give you your money back and a free 1:1 coaching session worth £250.

  • I can't set boundaries at my work - the culture is that you're always meant to be available. Will this course really help?

    Yes. I've worked with many women in this situation in banking, law and start-ups (I worked in banking). If you want to work and juggle a family in the long-term then this course will help you.

  • How do I know it will really work?

    I'm a certified coach and have now worked with hundreds of women around the world. I also work with companies to support their female employees, including delivering programmes for working parents and those returning to work.

  • What if I still don't know how to use your tips and tools? I'm not sure I can do it.

    9/10 of my course participants have said that they would recommend my courses, masterclasses and coaching. I also surveyed over 100 working mothers to ensure the content hit the mark. You can email me if you have any questions.

  • Will this really work for me - I don't have any family support, or a nanny and I'm not feeling ambitious right now

    Yes! The course is designed for any working mother who wants better boundaries, balance, more confidence, whether you're returning to work, or are a working parent. You'll feel and look better after doing this course too. Career progress tips included if you're looking for that right now. Pick 'n' mix your own adventure.

  • I'm not based in the UK, can I still do the course? And can I pay in another currency?

    Yes! It's all online. It has been completed by women in the UK, US, Australia and Europe. You can be based anywhere in the world to complete it. Email me with the currency you'd like to pay in and I'll send you a Paypal link: [email protected]

  • I have a question about the course - can I contact you?

    Yes! Please email me: [email protected].

  • How long do I have access for?

    You will have an initial 12 months' access to the Toolkit.

About your Coach

Founder of The Women's Vault; Coach; Executive Advisor and Award-winning Communications specialist

Olivia Bath

Olivia specialises in women's confidence and leadership coaching. She delivers workshops, speeches and programmes to corporates, including her new Imposter course and returning to work coaching programmes. Olivia has delivered workshops to Nomura Investment Bank, Woodside Petroleum, Simply Business Insurance and at CPD and Pregnant Then Screwed's Festival of Confidence. She has worked with hundreds of women across the world. Her individual clients work at companies including the NHS, Amazon, PwC, EY, Nuffield Health, law firms and charities.

A bit more about me...

I'm a working Mum that's passionate about supporting other working Mums

My work has been featured on Made by Mammas, The Therapy Edit and The Parent Hood podcasts, and published in HR Magazine, Global Banking & Finance, Harper's Bazaar and Grazia. I've also created content for brands: The Mum Club and Octopus Club. I live in London with my husband, Peter and son, George. I'm from Sydney, Australia.

Marina Fogle, ParentHood Podcast & Bump Class Co-Founder, Tommy's Board Member:

"It's a brilliant resource that I'm so happy to share".

"Olivia was a guest on my podcast, The Parent Hood, and following a great response from listeners, created a free mini returning to work after maternity leave guide - covering confidence, negotiation and boundaries - which now goes out to all attendees of my Bump Class. It's a brilliant resource that I'm so happy to share with the hundreds of women who come to the Bump Class to seek guidance on parenthood. As a working mother myself, I know how important this is. This course comes at a time when working mothers need it most - it too will be a great resource - do consider it."

Featured in...

Corporate Partner Testimonial

Signature Litigation - Coaching

Kiki Lee

Head of HR

We are excited to be working with Olivia Bath to offer return to work coaching for all our staff who have been out of the office for a period of time and to help them reach their full potential at Signature Litigation.

Course Feedback

Tina, Head of Finance at charity

In recent months, I have felt quite apprehensive about returning to work. I felt as if I had lost a bit of my confidence and was worried about leaving my twins in full time childcare. I had thought about the logistics - but not the mental, emotional and physical preparation. After working with Olivia and completing the course, I now feel more prepared and I’m actually looking forward to returning to work.

Alexandra Brand, Lawyer

I completed this course and it was fantastic. I was on maternity leave with my 2nd child and felt like I forgot how to be this chic and professional looking woman. Fast forward to finding the Woman's Vault and now I feel so much more empowered and excited to go back to work as well as being a professional working mum. Thank you to Olivia for creating this program and being so hands on. I recommend this program to any person returning to work following maternity leave or extended leave.

We work for 30 yrs after having our first child

You can make a decision today to greatly improve your personal and professional life using the tips, tricks and resources in my Toolkit. I've been using them for years and now my women all around the world use them to thrive. I don't want you to be miserable, exhausted and stressed - this time in my life was so tricky, I wouldn't want any working parent to go through it. Do something just for you, that will help you to enjoy being a working parent.